Jomaira 'Jo' Lopes is a freelance UI/Graphic designer based in Vancouver, BC.
I help ethical small businesses and nonprofits grow through high-quality design solutions.
User Interface (UI) Designer with over 2 years of experience and 4+ years of experience as a Graphic Designer. Multidisciplinary design background mixing User Experience (UX) Design, architectural and interior design, and marketing.
I’m a self-directed, lifelong student of visual arts -  as a result, my design work is highly influenced by contemporary arts, architecture, and graphic design. 
Creativity is my lifestyle.  
I’m a versatile professional with a solid design foundation and a growth mentality to manage ambiguity with ease. As a team member, I get fed off of creative collaboration and bring my marketing skills and multidisciplinary design perspective to the mix. 
I’m fascinated by the power of technology to amplify good ideas and am obsessed with the idea of making social change through design. My goal is to help businesses and nonprofits achieve their goals of improving their users' experiences through high-quality design solutions.

Am I a good fit for your team? Send me a hello. :)
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