Project Info
Roles | Product designer, User ResearcherBranding, Prototyping & Usability Testing
Project Type | Student assignment (Jul 2021 / revised Nov-Dec 2021)
Tools Used | Figma, InVision, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 
ACCESS Women’s Health app is a booking application that focus on providing frictionless access to sexual and reproductive healthcare for im/migrant women and non-binary people.
To help users find and access sexual and reproductive healthcare services in their new cities without the need to rely on direct spoken communication ("friction"), minimizing misunderstandings.
Problem statement
“I just moved to Canada, I’m still learning English and I have to visit a gynecologist. I have no idea on how to find the services I need, and making phone calls is a daunting task. I’m also concerned about the appointment because I don’t understand much of the language yet.” - Female newcomer to Canada  
"How might we empower limited English proficient women to communicate health care needs in order to improve their health outcomes?"
Secondary research on topics related to translation and interpretation services in the healthcare system as well as women’s health services provided to immigrants whose mother language is other than English. Secondary research was followed by user interviews with four participants that met the research criteria. Some of the key learnings were:
1. The difficulty to communicate in English makes many people feel misunderstood by their healthcare providers.
2. Rushed appointments feel inhumane and contribute to patients’ dissatisfaction with health care services.
3. Patients expect to receive an explanation on what their options are and what their exam results mean.
Initial designs were tested by five users for usability.
Meet Eva!
The design process started with sketches which led to the initial designs.

Sketches created during design conceptualization process

An app that gives users the ability to:
1. Track past appointments in all of the province of BC through MSP  (medical services plan). 
2. Stay on top of periodical exams - ensuring positive health outcomes. 
3. Translate content on demand, page by page - for the ESL students who prefer to have the app in the language they are learning. 
4. Access written instructions and notes from providers as well as exam results in order to remove/minimize second guessing.
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