Project Info
Roles | User Interface and graphic designer, copywriter.
Project Type | B2B + e-commerce store (Shopify) | 2018-2020
Tools Used | Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
Pravada Floors is a B2B flooring manufacturing company from Surrey, Canada. In 2018, while I worked for them as their in-house graphic designer, we began the process of redesigning Pravada's website - a project that took nearly 2 years to launch, introducing me to User Interface design and highly contributing to my growth as a designer.
1. Ease to use by anyone - For employees: Quickly learnable backend for product and info updates, new page creation. For customers, quickly find information.
2. Clear e-commerce (B2C) - To make it clear to customers that Pravada sells samples only and direct them to Pravada’s authorized retailers.
3. High-end positioning - To establish the manufacturer as the maker of high-end, quality products.
Problem statement
We have three types of users (dealers, designers and homeowners). How do we direct customers to relevant content for them, quickly and efficiently? How do we build trust with each of them?
"How might we serve each of our three types of users in a way to convey trust and credibility as a high-end manufacturer?"
Based on the learnings from the company’s previous website stats, and competitor analysis, we decided to use a combination of design (colours, fonts, imagery) + social proof (testimonials, features) + content (product “transparency”) to position the manufacturer’s brands as high-end and build trust with their customers.  
Other strategies such as categorized menus (information architecture) and careful labelling of e-commerce products (samples) were applied to ensure that each of the types of users were directed accordingly to their content of interest with clarity
Pravada's website design process started by managing how its content was organized and from there, ensuring information was accessible to all types of users, aiming to direct them to the content of their interest. Then by arranging design decisions around that information together with answering common questions associated with the product.
An e-commerce store website focused on providing information on the company's products to users in all levels of interest in the products.

Pravada Floors Homepage design for web and mobile

Product page design for web and mobile

Pravada's 404 page design


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