Project Info
Roles | Product Designer, User Researcher, Branding, Prototyping & Usability Testing
Project Type | Capstone project (Jul-Sep 2021)
Tools Used | Figma, InVision, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Resilience App is a routine design schedule that helps ambitious individuals make consistent time for their personal needs.
To help users discover and implement personal routines that stick - contributing to the individual’s satisfaction in life and mental health.
Problem statement
“I struggle with consistency. Work can easily take over my list of priorities, so I often skip needs such as mindfulness, exercise and socialization.” - Recovering Type A individual
“How might we empower recovering type A individuals to consistently make time for personal needs?”
Secondary research was followed by user interviews conducted with six similar users. Some of the key learnings were:
1. Consistency and predictability help these personalities automate their lives.
2. Room for flexibility is a must.
3. People are looking for balance.
Initial designs were tested by ten users for usability
Meet Carly!
From sketching to high-fidelity designs, the ideation process followed the user needs.
A personal, time blocking-based schedule design tool that encourages consistency through morning and evening routines and variety with templates to work with the individuals’ natural flow and help them make time for essential needs year-round.

Adding a new time block

Multiplatform Integration: Web App
Carly works remotely and is always switching between devices. She would love to have her work sync automatically, so I also designed a web app version of Resilience which have yet to be refined and tested for usability. 

Applying different templates to schedule

Marketing Website
To promote the app, I also designed a responsive marketing website.
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