Project Info
Roles | Branding, User Interface.
Project Type | Pro bono volunteering | 2021-ongoing
Tools Used | Figma, Adobe Illustrator
Web Dev Path is a mentoring platform for junior web developers. The design shown is currently being implemented. As a volunteer designer, I have been supporting the project by providing branding and User Interface design, working alongside fellow UX designer, Rebeca Guedes.
1. Friendly 
2. Modern
3. Youthful

Web Dev Path's homepage | Header design

Sketches produced during ideation process of Web Dev Path’s homepage. 

Yep. It can get messy! 

This project is currently ongoing. The following images represent the designs for the homepage which are now getting coded.

Homepage User Interface design for web and mobile.

This case study will continue as the project progresses. Check back for updates. 
Thanks for reading! :)
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